Indian railways

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Indian railway

Indian Railways,one of the most used way for travelling in India . It is operated by ministry of railways. Being less expensive and very less time consuming it is the best choice for locals to travel by train.

In fiscal year 2015-2016, around 8.107 billion people used railways that means Indian railways carried 22 million people everyday . In context of size, it is fourth biggest railways in the world comprising 119,630 km (74,330 mi) of total track and  92,081 km (57,216 mi) of running track over a route of 66,687 km (41,437 mi) at the end of 2015-16.

Indian railways is worlds 8th biggest employer and had 1.33143 million employees at the end of 2015-16.

Despite being such an economical treasure for Indian government it has few very bad quality which Indian government has failed to solve from the beginning ,the maintenance problem. Indian railways  earns a lot of money and is a backbone for strong economical status of India evreyday millions of people travels in train which make it very dirty . There a lot of workers employed in Indian railway to clean that stuffs but the negligence of that workers toward their job has been a problem. Indian government must find a way out o solve this problem and it may increase the income of Indian government .

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