About Us


Our Approach

Our approach is quiet clear . We are here only to show you what the lens can do .Our main aim is to spread the astonishing pictures taken from ordinary people.


Our Story

I, Founder and CEO of this website was always passionate about photography and i frequently used to click photos and post them on social networking sites but there was always a strange kind of feeling that my passion of photography is not getting a good stage and i was not able to showcase my talent and i was quiet upset about it then my friend noticed my upset face and i told him everything about  it as  he asked then he acknowledged me about making my own site and showing my talent to it.Then i decided to make a website but deciding a name was way too difficult . I always had a concept that photography is nothing but a poetry of pics with help of lenses and bang on there i came up with a domain http://www.lenspoetry.com and now we are here.

Meet the Team

The website has just started yet so there are no team right now . Hopefully soon there will be new members with new role.


Chaitanya Pandey


Founder & CEO

“Photography is all about capturing memories.”

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