Deurali Hills

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DeuraliBagmati is a village development committee in Nuwakot District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal.

Deurali is one  of the most astonishing places in Nepal. Every year lakhs of tourists come in Nepal to trek on deurali hills. The scenarios from the deurali hills are so beautiful that one can spend hours gazing it. The climate there is moderate and the air there is so chilled that it clears all the stress from ones mind. There is no big industries and factories which makes it free from pollution and that’s why the climate there is very favorable for living. The area is very green and is full of trees and plants which favors the animals and birds. So, Deurali is very rich in natural beauty.Being an hilly and forest area , in the morning one can hear the sweet sound of birds rhyming songs.

Deurali is so beautiful that even the artists get mesmerized by it. Many famous singers of Nepal has even written hit songs on it.

One of the people favorite song is Deurali dada by Bipul Chhetri.

We have provided the link too if anyone want to listen the song.

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